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German Shepherded

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Race origin and some history:
 The German Shepherd's origin began with a late 19th century breeding program, in which a number of European Shepherd dogs were crossbred in order to function as guards on ranches throughout the continent, protecting the live stock from wild animals. After several crossbreeding efforts, the German Shepherd was born, resembling the dog's present-day version. It is often called: the "wolf dog." This breed is considered to be one of the best working dogs on the planet as it is a fast learner and is easy to train for different purposes, such as attacking, hunting, guarding and guiding blind people. They are even trained to discover survivors in areas which have been destructed by man or by nature. Today German Shepherd dogs play a vital part in the armies of many countries.


 Country of Origin: GermanyGerman Shepherded


The German Shepherds nature:
The German Shepherd is a loyal, smart, initiating, physically strong dog and is characterized by a medium-plus level of energy. It has a remarkable ability to remember; however, the development of such qualities requires a high level of firmness and physical ability on the owner's part.


Role and Designation:
This breed's uniqueness is expressed in its ability to work independently with no prior training. It is known that many dogs used to work naturally with herds and as guard dogs having had no training or at best just a little amount. It is the world's best guard dog. It is very strong and is known to be very smart. For this reason it is a popular police dog. It reaches maturity at the age of 2.


The German Shepherd requires much exercise and movement, and one needs great physical strength to hold him. It needs warmth and human contact. Those who are willing to invest their physical and emotional energy will find they have a loyal and trustworthy dog, which will gladly carry out any mission. It is a dog which can live outdoors, in the yard.


It is a dog with spectacular movement abilities which may seem effortless to the bystander. As a working dog, it must possess a high mental level. It must be alert, loyal and trustworthy and demonstrate strong nerves and willingness to work and carryout missions. It has to be easy to train, demonstrate willingness and enthusiasm, some fierceness but also self-discipline. The German Shepherd must have a good natural temper and vitality without losing control. It is able to develop good running speed and physical stamina.


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