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Adopt a puppy
Questions and Answers

Adopt a puppy

Questions and Answers

A Seeing Eye dog is a gift that means freedom. It all begins with a warm and loving home. If you are looking for a project in which you can influence and make a difference, you will that find our puppy program does exactly that.3

Knowing you have helped a puppy fulfill his destiny is a wonderful feeling.

Seeing Eye dogs don't just guide their owners. They enable them to live life to its fullest and enhance their sense of security and integration in society.

It is an investment that requires time and training, but its end result is worth all the effort.

The puppy must experience its first months in a warm and loving human environment so it can grow and become a good guide dog, one which has confidence in itself and is calm and sociable. Eventually, the challenges will teach the dog to behave properly indoors and bring it into contact with other animals, people, traffic and other sounds and noises while being escorted and guided by a Guiding Eyes for the Blind trainer. It is important that the mature dog coming to our Training Center be sociable, calm and not frightened by the world around him. The puppy's exposure process is done with the guidance and accompaniment of a Guiding Eyes for the Blind instructor.

All the expenses of raising a puppy, such as: food, veterinarian service, flea and tick treatment, equipment, etc. are funded by the Foundation.איזה חמוד

We are in need of volunteers who will supply optimal conditions for raising a puppy and who will introduce to each and every one to basic social skills. Without this foster period, the puppy will not be able to become a mature Seeing Eye dog.

Foster families who have raised Seeing Eye puppies tell of enormous satisfaction when they see the change in the life of the blind person who has received their dog. There is always a puppy around which seeks a warm and loving home.

Our puppy raisers come from different backgrounds and each have their own life style. Yet they share one thing in common, the opportunity to change someone else's life for good.

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